Your businesses success depends on your story!  

The BullRing has a proven technique to hone your pitch to 5 minutes.  

The first rule of pitching is… Engagement!  How are you going to get the collaborators, clients and investors to get into what you are selling.  We use our pitch perfect practice sessions to get you ready to create success in the BullRing. 

We are looking for Start Ups and Scales ups who want to pitch in front of a group of professional investors. Our showcase is a proving ground. It is not promised that you will get investment. The focus is to give you the next conversations with a group of potential partners.  

You get: 

  1. Review of your deck.  
  2. Test run in our Pitch Perfect Practice Session. 
  3. Spot on the BullRing in front of 3 Bulls (Investors, pundits and pitch professionals)  
  4. Feedback from BullRing team and any intros from the audience that were engaged by your presentation. 
  5. Sample video from your pitch to use on social media. 

All this for the small investment of £500 + VAT.