B.D. Dalton, aka ‘The Lazy Over-Achiever’, has over 25 years’ experience in financial and business sectors, building successful businesses on two of the world’s most influential continents: the United States and Europe.

B.D. has continued to grow his businesses, Temple Row Wealth Management and Bart Dalton Consulting whilst expanding his horizons, becoming CEO of a Legal Practice. This contributes greatly to his growing knowledge of the business world, allowing him to share his insights and concepts through nationwide speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and coaching.

B.D.’s business nouse can be found in his three published books: True Gravity, Grow, Sell and Retire, and The Assisted Purchase where he shares his logical tried-and-tested strategies and systems. Grow, Sell and Retire has been brought to life in the form of a successful podcast series as well, giving busy commuters an easy way to access the knowledge.

The proven success of B.D.’s work with businesses across the region has received recognition, being shortlisted and winning awards at various ceremonies.
Bart Dalton II
Michelle Dalton is the Co-Founder of The BullRing Club and Managing Director of Rockfine Group Limited who has been engaging with companies in Services, Technology and Medical sectors for the past 20 years in PR, marketing and management. She has been a director and investor in a number of companies. Michelle loves seeing entrepreneurs with great ideas succeed. Being a native of Alaska and a professional Harpist, she believes that standing out and finding new frontiers are a way of life.
Michelle Dalton
When looking to raise finance, develop collaborative partnerships or secure the next board member, the way you present can make all the difference. Speaking confidently is a life skill that is crucial to making the right impact with future investors.

· Pitching with confidence and control so investors take you seriously
· Combining what you say, with how you say it and how you look on stage through your voice, body language and structure
· Enjoying standing up and presenting while having fun · Being authentically you

Mike does this by a powerful combination of 1:1 coaching, group mentoring and Masterminding to achieve maximum results. Using a non-judgemental ear that listens, helping to remove fears and phobias while focusing on enhancing performance when it matters.
Mike Pagan
Business Communications Specialist