Popular interactive business showcase The BullRing allows three of the most exciting start-ups around get five minutes to pitch to three experienced investors for feedback and honing.

As our real-life answer to popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, the sessions see pre-qualified companies seeking investment go on to pitch their ventures to a panel of leading figures in business, who offer their business nous on the presentations and engage in a Q&A session.

Not only does the BullRing provide great exposure for up-and-coming companies, the format also ensures the business founder focuses on driving a concise message ready for all audiences, from investors to clients and even potential business partners.

The build-up  

As preparation, two weeks before the BullRing showcase the three founders attend a workshop where they pitch their business idea to the other companies and our BullRing team.

To prepare they get a five-minute time slot, with only a little excess while they work at honing the pitch.

The other pitchers offer feedback, which can be priceless as they effectively function as mirrors to the pitch, encouraging the business leader to reflect on their presentation and how it can be improved.

The BullRing team of experts share best practices from the previous events, allowing the founders to take these messages on board for the final drafts.

Final Preparations

With a week to go the business founders submit the pitch decks to our team for review and if approved are allowed to proceed to the event on the following Thursday.

This honing process and feedback loop in real time helps the founder build better sales skills, better presentation presence and ultimately a stronger demeanour through dealing with constructive criticism.

Our professional preparation process ensures the BullRing boasts a fantastic show-like atmosphere, proving to be entertaining as well and educational. The aim is to offer the opportunity to network and potentially make the deal of a lifetime!


The BullRing team have had a higher than industry average of people get investment through our process and network.

As feedback shows, our showcase rapport allows the founder or team to feel comfortable and confident that their next steps will be towards success.

Want to pitch in the BullRing Club?  Click here to complete a few short qualifying questions and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

“The aim is being memorable for all the right reasons”

When looking to raise finance, develop collaborative partnerships or secure the next board member, the way you present can make all the difference. Speaking confidently is a life skill that is crucial to making the right impact with future investors.

                               Mike Pagan                                    Business Communications Specialist